Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sydney Chesser Boxes

Some of our Australian readers may remember Bradley Loh. He was once an avid weekend warrior, travelling from tournament to tournament and, in fact, reached a fairly good level of play. His last rating was 2083.

But he gave up chess to focus on other things - such as his career and travel. Like me, Brad is an expat currently living and working in London (I'm in Tokyo myself). Recently, he's picked up another interest. Boxing.

And we have the vid to prove it!

This one is basically a fight between "white collar" workers, a sort of stress relief, something to give cubicle jockeys a bit of excitement. So that everyone's a winner, there is no point scoring. But note the 30-second mark. Apparently, his opponent 'wobbles'. Based on that, he reckons he won.

Brad's the guy in the blue shirt.

Round 2 is here and round 3 here.

I understand that Brad's also taken up chess boxing. We'll definitely need to see that, too!

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