Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Films on Chess

There's more today about last month's news of Toby Maguire transforming himself from Spidey to Fischer. The film, Pawn Sacrifice, "...will tell the first half of the chess Grandmaster's life story, from his beginnings as a prodigy of the game through to his historical (mostly for the media's hyping its Cold War significance) 1972 World Championship match against Russian rival Boris Spassky, after which Fischer became a celebrity and then, surprisingly, retreated into early retirement."

And chess must be the current favourite flavour among film-makers (or wanna-be film-makers) because Chilly Gonzales, a so-called "entertainist", is now filming a movie based around our beloved board game. The movie title is "Ivory Tower" and is about a "an eccentric genius who invents an intuitive and collaborative style of play called "jazz chess."

More in Spinner.

Of course, there is also a chess variant called "Ivory Tower". I wonder if they even realised that.

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