Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Malaysian Ambush

Thanks to IM Wohl we now have a list of participants from the KL Open. It's a list that ought to send shivers up the spines of both the Doeberl Cup and SIO organisers. Just look at that!

If I were an Indian player I might think: why fly all the way to Australia, including a long drive to the capital, when I can simply stop over in KL and enjoy some good laksa, cheap shopping and put in a couple of days on some white sandy beach?


Peter Long said...

Hey, KL Open does not really compete with the Australian organiser as we have a somewhat different mix as a quick comparison with the Thailand Open immediately after will confirm.
We are however a little attractive to Indians I think now that local carrier AirAsia and other budget airlines are flying big time to Indian cities. Also every countries is different as to their value propositions and also wants - for example the Philippine GMs seem to have enough at home to do and the Singapore Chess Federation President has gone on record saying the KL Open is too weak for his generally 2200-2300 players.

Anonymous said...

Doeberl has an awesome looking field.
Go Kiwi's

Peter Long said...

Well done Doeberl!

Anonymous said...

Such a pity that the KL Open chose their dates to clash with the Sydney International and Doeberl Cup. Had they scheduled the event after the Thailand Open rather than before, all events would have benefited as people could have played all tournaments.

doubleroo said...

Just to be pedantic I need to point out that the KL Open(first round 7th) and Doeberl cup(last round 5th) do not clash.

Peter Long said...

The world might be flat but I don't think the question of organising to clash with another Open tournament in another country is ever a motivation!
Organisers will know that we all have scheduling challenges and these are driven by local market demands as well as by sponsor obligations.
As I said before our audiences are not quite the same but there will always be an overlap.