Friday, March 12, 2010

The State of Nothingness

Oh, yes! I know how John Summerfield feels. In a letter to the CAWA editor, Mr Summerfield is dismayed at the lack of chess clubs:

I have recently returned to active chess after almost 15 years.

In my first outing, I played in the Xmas Swiss where I scored 0/5. Clearly, that wasn't the best choice of tournament for my return.

I look around for a club, and I am appalled. There are almost no clubs, certainly none near me.

I used to live in a suburb of Melbourne were I could, and did, play at Waverley, Dandenong, Mentone, and none was a long drive from where I lived.

Here, nothing.

What are Western Australian chessplayers doing about it? Nothing. It's almost the end of January, and the CAWA website is full of ... nothing but empty space. Not even a mention of the AGM which I thought was coming up.

Read the whole thing and more in CAWA's February 2010 newsletter to its members.


Anonymous said...

Nice news sheet Plenty of activity in WA aparently. What is Summerfield whinging about this time

Michael Baron said...

0/5 - was it wrong choice of tournament or wrong kind of play :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael.

I am John Summerfield, now on the CAWA executive.

The ACF maintained my rating was about 1500, where I recalled it was about 1400.

I played four players 1700 and above. At my best, .5 would be a likely score. The fifth opponenet was about my presumed rating, and a likely score in that game would be .5.

By your standards certainly, my play is weak.

However, I always played weekenders in Victoria, and I don't recall meeting such a strong field or scoring 0/5 before.

For my standard of play, even at my best, 0/5 is quite a likely score against such a field. So, wrong tournament.