Friday, March 26, 2010

Malaysian Party

It looks like our northern neighbours, the Malaysians, are also having their own little party this coming Easter.

According to Quah Seng Sun, the upcoming KL Open will feature no less than 15 grandmasters: "There will be at least 15 grandmasters in the tournament, led by Georgia’s Mikheil Mchedlishvili who will be the highest rated participant with 2,634 rating points. However, all eyes will be on China’s 16-year-old lass, Hou Yifan."

They'll also even have GM Nigel Short who'll be dropping in for a simul. More here in The Star Online.

Hopefully, they don't get too big. Else these Malaysians could very well spoil a long-running do down in the Australian capital.


Charles Bishop said...


I cant find a website that lists entries or details beyond the very basic information. Do you know of one - would be curious to see who they have attracted. Will also be interested to see how many of the GM end up playing.


doubleroo said...

Hi Amiel,

Here is a list of entries. You may notice some Australians/ New Zealanders

Peter Long said...

Try Once the event gets underway the tournament website at will publish daily reports with interviews, photos, videos and games.