Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Tune for GM Benjamin

My post the other day on GM Benjamin's dismissal of the FM title generated some unexpected reaction. What I did especially enjoy was the following poetic effort by one of our more avid and definitely cultured readers!

(Sung to the tune of that song about a pet rat by one recently departEd).

the FM title won't go away
the FM title is here to stay
it is a FIDE cash cow
fills their coffers up right now
not made to make us say "wow"
at whoever gets one yet again
although every now and then
some make the GM like you, ben

I'm trying to sort of mentally sing that but I can't make it work! Maybe it's better rapped. Check out the original tune with lyrics here.


Anonymous said...

Rogers also used that song with reference to Benjamin in his Gold Coast zonal live commentary.

Paul said...

Ben is a GM
Who disses the FM
What it be Ben ?