Monday, July 13, 2009

Smerdon Auditions for Geek Show

GM-elect David Smerdon announced on Chess Chat that he was thinking of auditioning for the upcoming Aussie version of the TV series, "Beauty and the Geek". I thought he was only joking. Well, he was actually pretty serious!

David will attend the Adelaide audition on 22 July. Local chess fans should probably pop over to the Samford Plaza (150 North Terrace) and give our man some moral support. I only wish I could be there, for I reckon it will be an absolute hoot.

To those who are auditioning or thinking about it, this list of "100 Essential Skills for Geeks", courtesy of Wired magazine, might help.


Anonymous said...

Go David,
show them that you are a geek!

Anonymous said...

I think that Smerdon isn't geeky enough! He dresses well, knows the meaning of personal hygiene and can hold a conversation... all skills that geeks shouln't have!

Admin said...

David, goo go

Anonymous said...

do you have any pictures of the beauties??

Bootvis said...

Is this chessbase?