Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morris: "Scared bloody shit-less"

Australia's latest international master, thanks to his critics-bashing performance at the recently completed zonal event, James Morris, sits down to a one-on-one with none other than Aussie legend IM Robert Jamieson. I must thank Robert for pointing my attention to this article.

RJ: You played in the Sydney International a few weeks before and did quite well.
JM: Yes, I did very well in that and Chris Depasquale said it was my best tournament result to date but of course he didn’t know that the Oceania Zonal was coming up!
RJ: So you start doing really well in the Zonal and after 6 rounds you are sitting up there on top board and leading the tournament and you have to play Grandmaster Smerdon. How were you feeling?
JM: Scared bloody shit-less!
RJ: I can relate to that.

For more on this interesting little encounter, read here.

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