Thursday, July 02, 2009

Beauty & the Chess Geek

The Sydney Academy of Chess's FM Brett Tindall was contacted by a TV production house recently apparently because they were looking for potential candidates for an upcoming local version of Beauty and the Geek. First launched in the US and co-produced by Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk), the show, at its core, is basically your standard challenge and elimination reality TV.

More about the US show here.

I've seen a couple of episodes and, let me tell you, it's just downright ridiculous! The geeks are unrealistically socially inept and the chicas are, well, just dumb. For the chicas, I hope they'll get the world famous Chk Chk Boom, Claire Werbeloff.

If you're interested, you must complete a questionnaire. Here are just five of the many questions that you'll need to answer:
  • What are your intellectual strengths?
  • Have you now, or have you ever seen a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist?
  • When it comes to women, what do you need the most help with?
  • What are your insecurities?
  • Who is your ideal life partner (male or female)? Is there anyone that you would consider is “out of your league” and vice versa?
It looks like Brett might be the point-man on this one, at least in the chess scene. So contact him via his website or on sydneyacademy at gmail dot com.

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