Monday, May 04, 2009

Sue & Ga. in Chic Melbourne

We've just learned direct from his own blog that English grandmaster Gawain Jones has moved to Melbourne! In this post Jones' partner Sue Maroroa, herself a member of the New Zealand women's Olympiad team, writes:

I'm Sue, Gawain's girlfriend - Gawain isn't the most let say hard-working guy in the world so instead he has me updating his blog as we're usually attached to one another (I tag alongside him to various tournaments). Instead of being in NZ as we are supposed to be we've decided to reside in the très chic city of Melbourne.

Très chic? Très chic?

Well, OK, maybe chess-wise since, apart from the SIO, Sydney chess is pretty much dead. Just last week I fielded yet another phone call from a long-time weekend warrior who wondered: what happened to the Sydney Anzac weekender? The Sydney Championships? That was before adding another shot at the State Championships which I think he termed "a joke".

Anyway, I'm momentarily distracted. Chess aside, "Sue and Ga." (Oohh..sounds almost like a fashion label) ought to have preferred Sydney. According to Mercer's latest quality of living survey, my fine gorgeous city outranks Melbourne by 8 places! But then perhaps Sue should drag her man back to New Zealand. Auckland is in fourth place overall.


The chess nut said...

To that weekend warrior friend of yours:

I am disappointed that there is not as much chess as well BUT....

But The other tournaments that the NSWCA now do not run did not nearly meet its expenses and hence we had a large deficit a few years back. The City of Sydney Championships had a number of formats over several years but numbers kept decreasing or not increasing enough to remain viable. The City of Sydney Championships are now incorporated with the Ryde-Eastwood Open

As for the NSW Champs being a Joke. I hardly think that the round robin State champs last year were a joke. IIRC Greg Canfell won defeating a quality field.

cathyc said...

I'm with tres chic. Having lived in Sydney for 11 years and Melbourne for 15, Melbourne beats Sydney on everyting!