Saturday, May 23, 2009

Naka: I'm not afraid of losing

Here's a 10-minute long vid interview by Macauley and Jen Shahade with the 2009 US Champ GM Nakamura. It's an interesting session that reveals plenty about the eventual champion's approach to this event. He did not prepare for it, he said, opting to kick back and enjoy the hockey play-offs!

Quite interesting, too, is that Naka's second is only rated about 2200+.

Video courtesy of ICC Chess.FM


Brian Jones said...

FM Sunil Weeramanty is a very good (but old) 2200+

Macauley said...

Sunil's not THAT old, but in any case, he wasn't Nakamura's second, and wasn't in St. Louis, as anyone who watches the video will soon learn!

(Full disclosure: Sunil was also MY first coach, 25 years ago.)

Anonymous said...

Isn't Weeramanty Nakamura's Dad?