Friday, May 22, 2009

Schedule for 2010 Aussie Champs

Start planning for the Aussie Champs. I just received info on the planned playing schedule for the 2010 Australian Chess championships. It will be as follows:

Round 1 Jan 2 at 1.30pm
Round 2 Jan 3 at 11am
Round 3 Jan 4 at 11am
Rest day Jan 5 / Lightning at 2pm
Round 4 Jan 6 at 11am
Round 5 Jan 7 at 11am
Round 6 Jan 8 at 11am
Round 7 Jan 9 at 11am
Round 8 Jan 10 at 11am
Round 9 Jan 11 at 11am
Round 10 Jan 12 at 11am
Round 11 Jan 13 at 11am / Prize giving 5 pm

Time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for remaining moves, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1.

And in accordance with the new article 6.6a, which takes effect on 1 July this year, forfeit time for this event will be 30 minutes.

The event will be held at Sydney's Norths Club.


Anonymous said...

Why does FIDE still persist with this "40 moves in so many moves" analogue chess clock crapola in this brave new world of the digital chess clock increment?

Wouldn't a 90 60 time control have been simpler? Why mix up two entirely different time usage concepts?

I can't actually think of a way you can lose because you did not make 40 moves in 90 minutes because really you effectively have to make 40 moves in 110 minutes.

Maybe there is a separate readout which records the total amount of time you have used and works out that if 90 minutes has elapsed and you have only made 39 moves then you lose even if you still have your counting down readout showing you have 21 minutes available.

Maybe I am missing something ...

Anonymous said...

Why does it start so early? 11am? You have to be kidding me!

Kevin Bonham said...

Re the first post, I've often wondered the same thing, but one sound argument for still having a specific time control at which a player receives a large addition of time is that it gives the player time to take a rest mid-game (if they want to). Even with 90/60 once players get very low on time it's very hard for them to take a toilet (or smoking, for those addicted or inclined to do so) break - which can be quite a problem if you get a 90/60 that goes for well over 100 moves (eg Kengis and Arlandi at Mt Buller, almost seven and a half hours).

Anonymous said...

Dear "Kidding Me"

It's starting early so that you can finish your game quicker and so get to the Casino quicker!


Anonymous said...

To Kevin Bonham

Wouldn't it be sufficient to have the time control stated as:

90 minutes with 30 seconds added before each move plus an additional 30 minutes added after move 40

90 30 (30 post m40)

Anonymous said...

Why does it start so late? 11am? You have to be kidding me!