Thursday, May 21, 2009

FIDE Big Wig to Visit Zonal

Just a bit of an update on the upcoming Zonal in the Gold Coast. The event is shaping up to be the biggest Oceania Zonal ever thanks to the participation of more nations like the Solomon Islands, Palau and PNG.

Of particular interest to local chess polies will be the planned visit of one Ignatius Leong. The guy is, of course, the FIDE general secretary and he'll be here for the Oceania Zone meeting to be held on the rest day, 23 June. But, hopefully, it won't be just for local polies. My info so far is that anyone can actually attend that meeting, so if you're curious about these sorts of things, then that will be your chance.

Personally, I'd rather be somewhere on a nearby beach! That's if the weather behaves.


Anonymous said...

Will you be asking him why he and his mate Makropolous used undue influence to interfere with the anticipated change to the ratings system come July 1 when you would think those who had objections had been given plenty of time to state these to the Titles and Ratings Commission?

siow, weng nian said...

Hey ClosetGM,

You should do a bit of investigative journalism and confront Ignatius Leong about the cancellation/potsponement fo the Commonwealth Chess Championship. Brian Jones commented that there was abit of realpolitik between Ignatius and the Malaysian Chess fed (see here:

Anonymous said...

FIDE elections next year