Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sexiest Chess Scene on Film

In the original version of the Thomas Crown Affair (1968), starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, we see what is possibly the sexiest chess scene on celluloid. This one's totally safe for work.


Liquid Egg Product said...

So the sexiest chess scene is a SFW clip from the 60's? Alexandra Kosteniuk notwithstanding, that just about says it all.

Collin Madhavan said...

Yes, McQueen and Faye. What a Great Chess Match! It would be nice if all games ended like this!! Thanks and well done,
Collin Madhavan

smurfo said...

It'd be worth posting the Austin Powers chess/sex scene, which is a take-off of the McQueen scene (complete with inappropriate bishop twirling). "Safe for work" notwithstanding, I still can't access your videos from my office... ;)


The chess nut said...

LOL they could have done the chess correctly!

One minute he is castled and has g3 played and the next he is castling with the pawn on g2 lol