Friday, May 08, 2009

Judge: No Drug Test for Chess

Thank heavens for sane judges. Judge Monica Marlow says, "Unlike participation in athletics, students participating in a math club, chess club, choir, band, symphony, or Future Farmers of America are not involved in routine regulation and scrutiny of their physical fitness and bodily condition".

From the LA Times.


Denis Jessop said...

I think you quoted the wrong sentence or at least didn't quote the interesting bit. That following the one you quoted says:

"Unlike athletes, there is no evidence that drugs are used to enhance a student's flute playing, choir performance, chess playing, debating skills, math team skills, or farming skills."

The reason for the decision depended on certain constitutional rights under US law that don't apply in Australia. Apparently 8 out of 391 students who were tested returned a positive result though to what is not clear. Only one or two of them were not athletes.


Anonymous said...

This woman must surely be a future (Chief) Justice of the U S Supreme Court. :)

Anonymous said...

Sadly this is US law and doesnt help the many pot smoking Aussie chess players