Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BMW Checkmates Audi

You know how sometimes you think you've made a brilliant move and it turns out to be a horrible blunder? Well, some smart ass ad-man in Audi's ad agency thought exactly that.

When Audi launched a national campaign in the US featuring a giant billboard that read, "Your move, BMW" - a clever agency in Santa Monica, California dreamed up of the most brilliant reply. Working with a BMW car dealership - the agency, Juggernaut Advertising, created their own billboard that read simply, "Checkmate."


Billboard chess game

The billboard chess game had a few online motoring websites buzzing for a while. In one website, someone said that perhaps Audi should now take up checkers. It's probably the only time that motoring fanatics talk about cars and boardgames all at the same time.

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cathyc said...

Great story, TCG!!