Friday, June 13, 2008

Tasmania's Vince Horton

From The Advocate: Chess star outwits his elders.


Kevin Bonham said...

Great to see the publicity for a fantastic, amazing and totally deserved result.

Just for the record, since there almost always seem to be a few little inaccuracies/omissions in these things:

(i) it was actually a four-way tie for first (although Vincent very nearly won his last two games so did go extremely close to the outright win);

(ii) one of those who tied with Vincent is certainly not 30 years older than him (whatever Phil Donnelly may in the past have claimed otherwise!)

(iii) there were actually *six* past state champions (including the present champion) in the field - the one the Advocate's source most likely missed being Julian Steward (1992).

That Vincent is the youngest ever winner of the event is most certainly true; indeed I am very confident he is the youngest Tasmanian winner of a rated open-age tournament, probably by a margin of a few years. He was showing some promising signs of moving to a higher level in the State Championship earlier this year, but not many people would have expected this!

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Anonymous said...

Its ashame he cant set the board up correctly though :)