Tuesday, June 10, 2008

German Blogger Affirms So's Talent

German blogger Stefan Löffler has a post today regarding Filipino wunderkind, GM Wesley So. Obviously the post is in German, but the basic gist is that Mr Löffler is now totally convinced of So's abilities and also repudiating some rumour which he'd apparently heard that the 14 year old may have received computer assistance in some tournament. Löffler even mentions Australia's GM Ian Rogers:

Ian Rogers teilte mir mit, dass auch er Gelegenheit hatte, So bei einigen Turnieren zu beobachten, wo er eine Partie nach der anderen gewann und ganz sicher keine elektronische Hilfe von außen möglich gewesen sei. Rogers ist von Sos außergewöhnlichen Talent überzeugt.

Read more in Erstaunliche Initiative. For our non-German readers, I suggest popping the text into Babel Fish.


Anonymous said...

"...had given it heated discussions whether the young Filipino got computer courses signaled or took on its frequent walks electronic assistance up..."

Just because So came from a tropical and developing country? I guess other western prodigies didn't get such hype :)

Antiquechess said...

GM Wesley So is a big inspiration to not only to Philippine Chess but also to the whole chess world. Here in Antique, many youngsters are now active in chess. I post news of So's victories in our chess club headquarters.

By the way, can someone give me some anwers?
1. How many norms does it take to be an IM?
2. What's the difference between a 9-game norm and a 20-game norm?

Thanks Closet Grandmaster. As I said, I regularly (almost daily) visit your blog.

Anonymous said...

Two ot three norms are required for the IM (or similar) title. You need 27 games which is usually three norms but if you have a 20 game norm then only two norms are required.

20 game norms are almost exclusively gained in some world class events where a normal IM norm of 9 or so games is elevated to a 20 game norm. Such tournaments that allow this are Olympiads, Zonals and Continental Championships

Anonymous said...

babelfish is great, a bit like Yoda... 'Wesley So' becomes 'Wesley like that' and then we get: “A large master was even convinced that by Rybka one led in such a way. Others (like Prusikin) took it in protection. That does also I.”

Peter Long said...

I spent some time riding with Wesley So who hitched a ride together with his dad to Manila after the 1st Subic International Open where I was Chief Arbiter and he was of course the star attraction.

To throw further light on this topic, it seems that Wesley like many young players today uses computer engines to check positions and actually attributes to his ability to compete in th last two year with grandmasters to the fact he has ChessBase to help him with openings.

But more interesting is that his approach to chess is very much to solve positions as they arise.