Sunday, June 01, 2008

Olympiad Applicants Named

There is only just a little under three weeks now before applications for the Australian Olympiad teams will close. Due date is 20 June, 2008. So far seven male players have put forward their names to be selected and, worryingly, only 1 female player - Canberran Shannon Oliver.

Below is the complete list courtesy of the Olympiad Appeal website.

GM Zong-Yuan Zhao (2541)
IM Stephen Solomon (2472)
IM David Smerdon (2462)
GM Darryl Johansen (2453)
IM George Xie (2417)
IM Gary Lane (2382)
FM Igor Bjelobrk (2354)

WFM Shannon Oliver (1961)

Looking at the above list I think the men's team will definitely be competitive. Remember, though, only 5 will go this time around and, for my money, that last spot is a contest between Xie and Lane.

It's the distaff side that is a big worry. ACF supremo Gary Wastell must be asking, "Where are the women?" Too busy maybe? Perhaps they've not made the 20-game requirement? Who knows?


Anonymous said...

I just think they are being slack. :)

From what I have heard Arianne, Giang, Laura and Irina are going to apply.

I think everyone except Arianne already have their games and Arianne is playing a club tournament at the moment that gives her the games she needs.

After that is gets a bit thin - we just don't have much in the way of active women. :(


Anonymous said...

So for now the Men's Team looks like this:

GM Zong-Yuan Zhao (2541)
IM Stephen Solomon (2472)
IM David Smerdon (2462)
GM Darryl Johansen (2453)
IM George Xie (2417)

I recall a very detailed discussion on ChessChat regarding the Dresden Olympiad selections, although I haven't followed it.

Anonymous said...

In addition to Jenni's list, I believe WIM Biljana Dekic is intending to apply as well. She's listed as a confirmed entrant for NSW Open this weekend, which will give her enough number of games.

That means we'll get at least six female applicants!

Anonymous said...

why would she bother applying? its clear that the team is arianne, irina, giang, laura and shannon.

Anonymous said...

Let's see some new faces in the Australian team - Oliver, Jule and Harris would be a good start,along with Giang and maybe Moylan. Why select people like Berezina, Caoili and Dekic who only play 20 games a year - a pathetic number anyway - because they have to to qualify for the team? And why would Caoili be a certainty after her last two woeful Olympiad results?

Anonymous said...

because peple like berezina and caoili have unsurmountable experience compared to those ozzie juniors with a few tournaments in the world youth [with dismal results]. olympics is no joke. experience is necessary , oh, AND strength. those names you mentioned cant play a consistent 2100+ level. at least berezina and caoili have 2200-2250 consistency, with the ability to do more.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

A note to our posters: if you're going to write that so-and-so made such-and-such a statement, please cite a source.


Anonymous said...

The real question is what benefit Australian chess gets from sending the same faces - people who don't voluntarily play chess and let others share in their Olympiad experience. Probably Arianne is still the best player in the country but do we want really want someone who said on Dancing with the Stars that she would only play enough to have another "chess holiday" at the 2008 Olympiad, who is happy to skip rounds at the ongoing tournament in the ACT because she has achieved her 20 games in a year, and who lost five in a row at the last Olympiad? Or do we want to select players who actually like playing chess and will try their best for Australia?

Anonymous said...

oh gee, its nice to know that some people still have their head in the sand. actually, i never said that on DWTS, and i have never ever said that the olympiad is a chess holiday. that is a blatant lie and that's why i have considered replying. do not put words in my mouth, prick.

in fact, i am against the idea of any chess holiday and those who know me understand that i am serious about my chess.

as for rumors saying otherwise, do you think i really care? should i bother to waste another minute shooting down arguments that are flawed? well yes, because rumours and opposition seems to grow at a rate higher than ivanchuk's rating.

anyway, like the other women who have equal rights to apply and certainly should, i am very busy. probably busier than you, mister annonymous, who has actually watched dancing with the stars that closely to come up with (fabricated) quotes of mine. well atleast that's better than me - i have never watched a single episode of that show.

back to the olympiad -- i have repeatedly told this country's leading GM who has my utmost respect - ian rogers, oh and even our ACF president, gary wastell, that i will not bother applying if my chess standard is not on par. a *chess holiday in dresden* ??

dream on, fool. winter in some freezing-as* town like dresden with a bunch of chess players, of whom many concentrate on things other than chess? no thanks.

if i am there it is to play well, just as i have played a lot of chess in my younger years - i have always been serious about it - something that australians were quite critical of when i was still playing for the philippines: "relax arianne, it's just a loss".

in fact, our very own blogger, TCG has witnessed my seriousness for the game countless times. havent you TCG?

anyway. this post and others is ultimately irrelevant -- i am sure and atleast hope that the selectors will not be blatantly bias and pick the women and order from a pathetic, rumor-driven mindset.

you point to my pathetic failures in the last 2 olympiads. i point to all my other successes and consistency, as one poster has rightfully recognized (in irina as well). do you dare say that the other women have not had miserable results in the last 4 years? or can you say that they are incredibly strong and lacking nothing?

anyway, as i said to gary and ian, i will not bother applying if i cannot see that i will have time before november to work on my chess.

oh well...i guess its not only in american politics where people are so blind and bias.

oh and TCG -- your blog site is fantastic for news about philippine chess as it is the only source i know that covers it that well. congratulations.

PS. anonymous, have some godamn balls and stick your name where your words are


Anonymous said...

I'd like to address Anonymous number 7:

We want to pick the strongest players, not become a charity to help less experienced players have a chance.

It also appears that Arianne likes her chess and I know personally that since early youth, she tries her best, just like the other girls.

My line up: