Friday, June 20, 2008

Campo: Outsourcing Is Insulting

In response to plans by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) to outsource its events management to Singapore-based Intchess Asia (which we posted about yesterday), chess supremo Florencio Campomanes says: "It is insulting. We have successfully organized the Olympiad, World Chess championship, Interzonals and two world juniors championships, to name a few. So there is no reason for us not be able to stage such RP Opens".'

News report courtesy of RP's ABS-CBN.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Campo. NCFP should organise its own events. Is Ignatius Leong and his Singapore business trying to take over the whole World?

Anonymous said...

Don't know anything about chess in the Phillipines, so have no idea whether this is good or not.

However I have always been quite impressed with Ignatius.

The chess centre in Singapore is excellent and his team ran a very well organized and friendly U16 Olympiad last year.

I do know he is very committed to developing chess in the Asean region.


Peter Long said...

We should not agree/disagree based on Campo's calculated outburst and vested interest - and he would not appreciate me revealing the real facts.

But luckily I am in the position to throw some light on the facts of the matter on hand yet logic should have dictated:

1. NCFP is organiser - National Federations issue invitations and submit rating reports.

2. So Intchess Asia is merely event organiser - key responsibilities are to get players, help find money. and explore media options to create greater value to sponsors.

3. We are not talking about Olympiads - just International Opens. But after many events NCFP has realised that sponsors are giving only as personal favours as the value of chess or the event has not sunk it.

4. At the same time NCFP has so much to do with limited resources to fix things from grassroots development, restoration of institutions, to looking after top players, etc. to the point where the Philippines can perhaps again be No. 1 in Asia.

5. No one questions Philippine talent, commitment or capability. Just how to best and most quickly marshall it all for the benefit of all.

You can see that nothing essential has been outsourced!

Anonymous said...

I'm not pretty sure if Cebu city is still serious in its bidding to host the Chess Olympiad in 2012 but if that is the case, they made the right move. This outsourcing thing should ease the handling of everything in the next two years for NCFP-financial, local and international tournaments, etc just to prepare for the bidding and ultimately (I hope) hosting of the Olympiad. For Campo, I beleive it is more than of a national pride but he has a point. He's a battle hardened veteran, he's been there and his old strategies may not yet be obsolete for what he believe is good for Philippines to regain its no.1 spot in Asia.

Anonymous said...

ofcourse singapore will put on better events than the NCFP ever could, they are organized and efficient -- probably preferable for western countires. however, it will cease to have the pinoy spirit of chaos, corruption, disorganization and FRIENDLINESS- which in the end, we all love...even if there are a few hiccups along the way.

ignatius leong and his administration are definately reliable, but ultimately, campo is right. NCFP can do these things just fine, with a little touch of the REAL asia (not singaporean -- a dictator country, organized, efficient and try hard british with no real asian identity, which is why they have to borrow from its neighbours).

Anonymous said...

but then again, if its money and efficiency we want.......its singapore all the way!

Anonymous said...

Knowing Campo's and his cohort Tito Abundo's dubious 50 years record of crooked, underhanded financial dealings, Pichay made the right decision to contract out the Philippine chess events organizing to competent outsiders who are accountable for the contract monies.

Florencio "Show me where the 12 million pesos are" Campomanes has no moral and ethical standing in criticizing Pichay's outsourcing decision. Just think, in just a short period of Pichay's leadership he has produced more Philippine GMs compared with Campo's 50 years of chess leadership. Now who is more smarter tell me.

Campo is showing his typical bad mouthing bickering and showboating because he cannot get his dirty hands on the potties anymore.

He should pack his bags and wither in his twilight years and let the new leadership of Pichay alone, instead of going back to his old backstabbing ways.

To the informed chess playing Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad, Campo is and will always be the self serving con man and convicted embezzler who has done more harm than good to Philippine chess.

And you can take that to the bank. Maybe Campo will tell you and me what bank he deposited the 12 million pesos.

Peter Long said...

NCFP "outsources" to Intchess Asia the obligation to find players (no cut for any middleman!), help get sponsors (very very difficult), and to improve value to sponsors (the eternal question!) and we get comments from the likes of Brian Jones "Is Ignatius Leong and his Singapore business is trying to take over the whole World?"

What a compliment - thanks Brian - even I never imagined Ignatius looking beyond working with ASEAN nations and neighbours for mutually beneficial chess development!

But that is a up front comment - albeit somewhat dramatic - unlike Campo pretending he does not know Intchess Asia is not associated with Ignatius Leong and insults him further by saying "no proven track record"! Especially amusing as I seem to remember overhearing a call from same Campo to Ignatius at night when the ASEAN Chess Confederation board members were largely present during last week's ASEAN Age Groups when congratulations on a great event with record entries were apparently in order.

Anonymous said...

Campomanes only air what he beleive is good for Philippine Chess same as the organizers of NCFP headed by Prospero Pichay so there is no point why some peole take advantage of this issue to attack, accuse, humiliate other people and country once they see their chances without enough evidence and proof. It doesn't help the over all development of the sport at all. Just like what Peter Long said: "We should not agree/disagree based on Campo's calculated outburst and vested interest...logic should have dictated..."

Chess after all is a gentleman's sport so keep it clean.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is Campo's grandstanding statement in the media shows his poor judgement and lack of respect for Pichay's leadership.

Outside of Torre Campo gets no credit for the current upturn of Philippine chess, in terms of the successive GM titles achieved by the Filipino talents during Pichay's short watch.

Campo's comments, with his longstanding dubious reputation, makes him more of a loser who still grapples for control of Philippine chess.

Campo had his days, and made good for himself and his cronies. He should let Pichay do what has been working well, and for all deserving Philippine chess players who have suffered for so long under Campo's reign.