Monday, June 23, 2008

ChessBase 10

It looks like a new version of the popular database Chessbase is about to be released (expected date is 21 July, 2008). American firm Chess Central is already advertising ChessBase 10. I can't find any info about this update on the ChessBase site and an email I sent to CB a couple of days ago is so far unanswered.

There's no mention of CB10 on the CB website either. That's a bit odd since you'd think that CB would spruik their own product before anyone else gets to sell them. Still, I'm sure there's some perfectly understandable business strategy here.


Tom Chivers said...

The London Chess Centre also advertise it, with the same date - 21st July.

Anonymous said...

due August, not july according to my chessbase source

Anonymous said... always has the ChessBase scoops first. Though CB may not always give them an accurate date on release, they always have had correct information on new products.

CB 10 looks like a winner with a lot more video ability.