Friday, June 06, 2008

Malaysia Gets New Man

Quah Seng Sun reports that the transition from retiring Datuk Tan to new Malaysian Chess boss Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib went smoothly.

Already aged 82, Datuk Tan isn't stopping with chess: "Since I’m still basically a ‘youngster’ in chess, I intend to get better at the game. I may no longer be making moves in the MCF but I shall continue making moves over the chessboard every single day. So farewell MCF, and hello, all my chess friends".


Anonymous said...

I understand that Ramli Ngah Talib does not play chess... not a good sign at all for Malaysian chess.

But perhaps he has time now to dicover chess, clearly being out of favour politically as not nominated to run for Parliment in the last elections and not even made a Senator as before.

doubleroo said...

I first met Datuk Tan in my late teens (when dinosaurs roamed the earth). He has always been a very nice man and a true chess lover. Since he is still a young man he might make a comeback to organization. For the sake of chess I hope he does.