Sunday, June 08, 2008

2008 Surfers Paradise Open

From time to time, we do receive requests to publicise chess tournaments here at TCG central. A few come from Europe and only very recently there was one from the Marshall CC in New York! However - while I'll be mostly happy to give some free airtime, I'm afraid that we have to restrict the activity to mainly Australian and, to a lesser extent, events in the AsiaPac region. It's just a matter practicality, after all most of my audience are here.

The latest tournament notice to hit my inbox came courtesy of Amir Karibasic, current president of the King of Chess, a club up in the Gold Coast in Queensland. If you've got nothing better to do in the last weekend of August, why not head on up there for the 2008 Surfers Paradise Open? There will be 3 sections: a Paradise section (FIDE rated over three days), a Surfing section (ACF rated over just two days) and a Fun section (no clocks, for parents and novices).

Quite apart from the generous prizemoney, these guys are also giving away game consoles and a mobile phone. That seems to me to be good innovation right there and quite frankly, I'd rather be gunning for something like an Xbox than money! But hang on a sec. Is that really a mobile phone prize award for the U700 junior section?

If you can possibly stand a psychedelically coloured website and a scary talking avatar, then find out more over at the KoC website.

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