Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's Your Decision?

Just received the latest FIDE newsletter. There's an interesting addition in this one, a section called, "How would you act as Arbiter". It's like Gijssen's Arbiter's Notebook for Chess Cafe except that these seem far simpler. Like this:

In a match during a teams tournament, on board 1 the player with White pieces offers a draw. The player with Black pieces accepts on condition that the players on board 2 should also agree for a draw. The player with White pieces writes on his scoresheet the result as a draw and signs it. The player with Black pieces insists that since no draw was agreed on board 2, he does not accept White’s offer and thus White has to continue the game. They summon the Arbiter. What must be his/her decision?


Anonymous said...

award game to white

Kevin Bonham said...

Play on. Draw agreement is not binding as:

(i) The Laws only grant the opponent the option to accept or reject the offer and not to conditionally accept it.

(ii) The conditions proposed by black were not fulfilled anyway.

(iii) In team matches it is the duty of the captains to make arrangements concerning package draws where the rules of the competition allow them, not the players.