Saturday, March 22, 2008

An Untimely Resignation

Here's my game in round last night against Aina Musaeva. It's only remarkable for its very untimely end.

Doeberl Cup 2008 (Major)
The Closet Grandmaster
Musaeva, Aina

When you're lucky with women, you can't really complain too much. Today I was lucky as my opponent, the lovely Aina Musaeva was too, how can I say, submissive. 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cxd5 Nxd5 5. Na4 I told you this move in an earlier post a few weeks ago. Back then I said that I use it mostly for lightning. In fact, I like to trot it out now and then against these Gruenfeld afficionados just to give them a little something to think about. The move isn't really that to be expected. Actually, by the time I looked at Aina's games, there were only about 10 minutes left before the round commenced. That was because IM Bitansky was desperate to prepare against GM Gagunashvili. Without a lappy during his Australian tour, he had no choice but to borrow mine and, being the good Samaritan that I am, I was happy to oblige. And so it was that I just said to myself: "Bugger it! 5. Na4 it is". 5... Bg7 6. e4 Nf6 7. f3 O-O 8. Be3 So far, all already played. Then came something new. 8...Re8?! It looks active, but not really. Black should prefer development of his queenside bits. 9. Bd3 Nc6 10. Ne2 e5 11. d5 Ne7 I'm now thinking: OK, so you want to play c7-c6, but I really want a passer. Thus, my next move. 12. Bc4 c6 13. d6

After 13. d6

Almost immediately after I played this move, Aina extended her hand in resignation and accompanied with the sweetest of smiles said, "I missed this one". For a second I couldn't quite believe it, but then she'd already stopped the clocks. So that was that. But, of course, she is not losing a piece, as she thought. Even GM Rogers said so when he saw me later on analysing and double checking the game. Play could, for instance, continue: 13...b5 14. dxe7 Qxd1+ (14... Qxe7 15. Bxf7+ Qxf7 16. Nc5) 15. Rxd1 bxa4 (15... bxc4 16. Rd8 Bd7 (16... Be6 17. Rxa8 Rxa8 18. Nc5) 17. Rxa8 Rxa8 18. Nc5 Re8 19. Nxd7 Nxd7 20. Bxa7 Rxe7 21. Kd2) 16. Rd8 Bb7 17. Rxa8 Rxa8 18. Nc3 I like my position here. Hard life for her, but resigning on the 13th move was way too soon. 1-0

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