Saturday, March 08, 2008

Chesspark Update

We looked at Chesspark for the first time here. That was way back in '06 and, to be honest, other than for a couple of very brief drop-ins, I've not kept up-to-date with developments. But this morning I received an email about some recent improvements.

First, we have redesigned the game board! The new design places the clocks and user information to the right of the game action. Now the web client and the desktop client are more alike. The new board allowed us to release a new variant, Crazyhouse.

Also now possible is the ability to create groups.

The Groups feature allows you to be in a group created by you or other Chesspark users. You can create a ‘Group’ for anything, such as your favorite food, school, country or chess club. You can have the group open or private. It has a forum for permanent messages and a chat room when you are chatting and playing ‘Live’. Along with group chat, another ‘Live’ group feature is to be able to filter your games by groups you are in. You can play or watch just within your group or groups.

I suspect that these guys' client-base is predominantly North American. That's a pity because without gaining a firm foothold on the European front, what the hec is the point? It's a bit like (which we also mentioned here). I keep thinking: what a waste of a bloody good domain name? Just take a look at their front page news! Haven't these guys heard of Linares?

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Anonymous said...

hi there - thanks for all your good blog work. we read your posts regularly.

i want to make a reply to your suggestion that is somehow missing the point of internet chess.

the chess community online has plenty of places to learn about linares. we link to you and others from our blog. but we aren't trying to be a news source of that variety.

we want to enable people online to play, to meet other chess players, to learn, and most of all to have fun.

our traffic is not all north american either. in 2008 we have had visitors from 200+ nations. we are also adding french, portuguese and spanish client support.

our top ten locations are:
1) usa
2) india
3) uk
4) canada
5) philippines
6) australia
7) malaysia
8) serbia
9) mexico

i would love to chat with you some more about suggestions for improving our community, our games, our site. you are always welcome at chesspark.

thanks again.