Sunday, March 09, 2008

Olympiad Appeal Site Up

The ACF's recently appointed Olympiad Appeal coordinator Ian Murray has launched a website for the purpose. Thankfully, there is possibility for fans to donate online via PayPal. Of course if you prefer the old fashioned method, then that's available too.

I must add that I do like that photo album on the appeal website. Great idea. It has shots of the Aussies from various Olympiads over the years. The first photo you'll see is of the now GM-elect Zong Yuan Zhao in what appears to be deep meditation. Perhaps that's the secret of his success?


Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug Rosario. The Olympiad Appeal website has pulled in more than $600 in its first 24 hours.

The coffers are by no means full - all donations, big or small, gratefully received. Each dollar gets our teams that much closer to Dresden

Ian Murray
ACF Olympiad Appeal Coordinator

Anonymous said...

Will there be a daily blog written by the team exclusively for the donors this year?

Unknown said...

Exclusive email bulletins from team members to donors only are anticipated again this year. Of course the teams haven't been selected yet, so such a commitment is yet to be arranged