Thursday, March 27, 2008

Always Learn the Basics

Day 2 turned out to be an eventful day at the SIO. The visiting RP contingent, in particular, provoked a lot of excitement and discussion.

In over-the-board action, JJ de Ramos was very close to drawing against Singapore's GM Zhang Zhong. Way down on board 9, another Pinoy up-and-comer, Ramon Manon-og Jr very nearly bagged the point from GM Dejan Antic. No, actually not OTB, but because both players apparently agreed to the wrong result! 1-0, instead of 0-1. Antic can thank the arbiters for their sanity and commonsense.

Then, of course, there was that sparkling attack executed by Pinoy legend GM Antonio against FM Hartmut Metz. Metz, a journo for a German chess magazine and a number of other European chess publications, told me on the train later that evening that he provoked the sacrifice.

All was not so positive news about the Pinoys, however. That's because a number of these guys simply failed to turn up in yesterday's first session of play. We surmised that may have just gone sightseeing, patting koalas or cuddling kangaroos. Not really a good look for RP.

Finally, what a game to finish with! Towards its final moments, Christensen - Szuveges was painful to witness. Josh Christensen, with 2 extra pawns in a rook endgame, must have definitely realised that he was winning. He tried. And tried some more, but couldn't quite get there. His rook landed on all the wrong squares. I suppose the gathering of ELO ratings around him might have added extra pressure. I often get that feeling myself when the occasional GM or IM watches my own proceedings.

Some of us almost felt like screaming, "Lucena Josh, Lucena, build a bridge!" There as no bridge. No win. Draw.


tanch said...

That's a bit of a bummer.

Having met Josh personally, I was rooting for Josh and Arthur H.(they're nice blokes) in the SIO. They (+Shane) didn't turn up for last night's competition at Ryde-Eastwood and had to postpone their games (I was v surprised Lorenzo Escalante did show up last night at Ryde for his game).

Hopefully, Josh will do better in his later games.

cheers and thanks for the constant updates! :)

Anonymous said...

So Wesley So is not competing here either? He's not in Calcutta so where's that boy? :)