Thursday, March 27, 2008

Live Blog Widget Down

Sorry folks, but our live blog widget is still suffering from some kind of PMS. I've got the session created, but the console which I use to create messages is just not appearing. This is exactly the sort of problem we face when we rely on FREE services on the web. Anyhow, we'll make every effort to bring you up-to-date results as soon as they become available. Here's other news so far.

Just a few minutes ago, local chess personality David Lovejoy launched his latest book, Moral Victories - The Story of Savielly Tartakower, to a small but keen crowd. A few copies have been sold and signed by the author. For just such an occasion, we might have preferred sipping on bubbly, but under the circumstances we settled on lemonade bought from the local shops. In styrofoam cups, naturally!

Moral Victories is not strictly an autobiography, but "an historical novel" on the life of one of the Hypermodern School's greatest exponents. In his introductory speech Ian Rogers spoke highly of it. So I think on that basis alone, I'll probably grab a copy. Just $24.95 from Brian Jones.

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