Friday, March 14, 2008

U-Haul a GM

The latest Doeberl Cup newsletter contains this urgent call for help: "We require assistance in transporting GM’s and their luggage back to the Marriot Hotel in Parramatta following the Doeberl Cup in preparation for the Sydney International Open. If you can assist, please email".

They're just so precious these grandmasters, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just asking Australians to live up to their reputation of being friendly and hopitable?

I think we are all excited to see so many GMs playing in a local tournament, so helping them save some money and get easily from one city to another, seems a friendly thing to do.


Anonymous said...

If I was Australian, I would sign up for it, no second thoughts.. Hey! it's just some gas money and I get to interrogate him on openings, training, tournament tactics during a nice, long, slow ride. Completely worth it :)