Sunday, February 24, 2008

Polgar: No need for separation

Vijay Tagore, writing for India's Daily News & Analysis, has an interview with top woman player GM Judit Polgar.

Tagore: You aimed to become a world champion. How far you think you are from that goal?

Polgar: Well after my kids were born, I have been wanting it less than before, and it is not only because I have less time to work on chess, but also because when you want to become number 1 you have to ignore everything else. Everything takes a backseat, at least for some period of time. For me, my family gets the preference right now.

And later...

Tagore: How do you look at women’s chess right now?

Polgar: I believe there is no need for separation, and I believe in the long run it will disappear. Logically also it doesn’t make sense to separate a game like chess.

Read the full interview in DNA. And as we haven't had a poll in a while, I thought I'd put up a new one to explore that second point by Polgar: that there is no need to separate men's and women's chess. Look to the right just below my profile.

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