Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chess on Facebook

If you're on the popular social networking site Facebook (and I certainly know a few chess players there), then I'm sure you've also heard of an application called Scrabulous. As that name suggests, it's basically an online replica of the popular board game of Scrabble (causing the official Scrabble distributor, Hasbro, to send the Scrabulous guys a shutdown order).

Now Scrabulous creators, the Agarwalla brothers, Rajat and Jayant, have created something for chess fans. Called Chess Pro, the new app is turn-based meaning that you and your opponent(s) don't have to be online simultaneously to play a game. This is a little problem in itself because sometimes folks just forget to move for days. Hopefully, a timeout feature will be added.

Chess Pro

Honestly, this is is yet another one of these "web 2.0" time-wasters. But lucky for me, my work proxy server bans Facebook!

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