Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Doeberl Premiere is Full

If you intended to play in the premiere section of this year's Doeberl, tough luck. They're full. Sign up for the majors instead as there's still plenty of room available.

Note that you can actually just register on the official site without having to pay. Though funnily enough, that's all exactly what I did a few days ago, but these guys had me down as fully paid!


Anonymous said...

Have a look at who is first reserve. How sad is that!!!!- Scott

Anonymous said...

Quite an impressive turnout in the Doeberl Cup - 10 Grandmasters currently playing in the top division!

Furthermore, the SIO has 12 GM's participating.

Anonymous said...


Yuan is on the resrve list, because of study work load - he is not sure if he can commit to play as yet.

The organisers have reserved the right to add strong players, so Aus' latest GM will get to play if he wants to. :)