Friday, February 29, 2008

Ian Rogers in Linares

Grandmaster Rogers may be retired but he's never too far from the action. Here he is blogging on the Linares tournament for the United States Chess Federation.


Anonymous said...

Very good commentary. Please go on in next rounds.

DeNovoMeme said...

Good luck to Ian Rogers, he is making a living out of chess, a holy quest for some.

What about the ACF? How has it come to pass, that our own peak chess body has let our own chess royalty float away to the USCF. Surely the ACF could have contributed a little to the USCF costs* of Rogers' blog, in exchange for a "just-for-us" variant to Australian chess players via the spasmodically ephemeral ACF Newsletter.

The ACF: A lamentable comedy.

*I have made a reasonable assumption that there is a cost.