Thursday, February 14, 2008

CV: ACF Not Helpful

This had me quietly laughing in the office. From the CV minutes:


Despite having a Victorian President our relations with the ACF council did not improve in 2007. Reference by one ACF councilor when discussing our ill-fated 2008 Australian championship bid to CV officials as Afghanistan warlords was not helpful. We have lodged a bit for the 2009 Australian Junior Championships and are hopeful that the ACF council will appreciate the quality of proposal and allow this tournament to return finally to Victoria.

I think I must have missed that one. I wonder who in the ACF said that these Victorians were like Afghanistan warlords.

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Anonymous said...

TCG; A little deduction on your part as to the home of denigrating slurs, and use of the search function, finds immediately

Full text of the link is
"This move may be seen as a peevish response by CV to its bid for the Australian Championships being rejected and, indeed, ranked third of three by all the ACF Councillors who voted.

However there is another explanation based on the murky nature of Victorian/Afghan chess politics, namely that it is a shoddy attempt to undermine the Canterbury Open, run this year by Geoff Saw, much to the chagrin of the Box Hill CC that now is the de facto CV.

Brian Jones may see this as a business opportunity but he is unwise to send his troops to Afghanistan as the local warlords are a fearsome bunch.