Thursday, February 21, 2008

78th FIDE Congress Minutes

FIDE has just released the minutes to their 78th Congress Executive Board meeting that took place last November. It's an impressive document spanning nearly 50 pages! It could take some time before this hits the chess blogosphere, but a couple of things immediately caught my attention.

For this first bit I just hope to Caissa that FIDE doesn't get anywhere near Sydney. The Toaster is quite enough, thank you very much.

In his trips and meetings with heads of various countries he had realized that there is a necessity to have chess centres and museums in all the capitals of FIDE member countries. So he proposes to introduce the project of construction of chess centres. This is a programme of creation of a global network of chess centres, to be achieved together with an international development company, Chess Lane.


It is planned that the centres will be in the shape of a tower, similar to chess pieces, with separate entrances for differing functional sectors. Leading international architects, who were selected through a tender, participated in the creation of the chess centres concept. Soon the first variants of the concept are going to be finalized and presented for discussion. The construction of such chess centres will create new possibilities for national federation activities, and eventually will provide an added impetus for popularization and development of chess in the world.

Similar to chess pieces? They can't be serious.

The section on FIDE's financials is also riveting reading. This part, especially, made me envious: "Mr. Freeman (FIDE treasurer) said that it was agreed in the Mexico Presidential Board that that if the Presidential Board members have a flight which is longer than 4 hours they can travel in business class". Even my current private sector employer isn't as generous; our minimum is 7 hours.

And to combat cheating, the following may be coming to a tournament near you: electronic gates, software that can tell if you're cheating and "special punishments".

Enjoy reading!

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