Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kasparov: Rely on Intuition

Quite an interesting interview of Gary Kasparov by Newsweek's Steven Levy. The ex-champ talks about his same-old-same-old battles with Putin, life after chess and still accuses IBM of cheating.

Levy: You also urge people to act on intuition.

Kasparov: That was one of my greatest advantages at the chessboard. My intuition was wrong very few times. You have to rely on your intuition. It's like a muscle; you must use it. In fact, we are not doing it all the time. I believe that people, especially now when there is so much information available, are trying to find a very scientific way of resolving problems. But because everybody has access to this kind of information, you have to rely on your personal instincts rather than on information available to everybody on the Internet.

From Newsweek's Q&A section, Life After Chess.

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