Saturday, October 06, 2007

Suttor Facing High Mountain

It's a pretty tough going for Vincent Suttor in the World Juniors. Three games in and he's on zero points. All his opponents so far have been titled players - an IM in the first round followed by two FIDE masters. Vincent will face Martin Zvarik next. At least a draw or hopefully a win there should bring a boost to the Sydneysider's confidence.

An Iranian player, on the other hand, had politics on his mind in round two. Ibrahim Momeni was paired against Israeli player IM Leonid Gerzhoy. However, apparently in an act of support for the Palestinians, Momeni refrained from playing against his opponent. A smart move you think?


Anonymous said...

The world Juniors is really tough and there seems to be even less of a tail than usual. Anyway Vince is a really solid player and I am sure tonight will see his first point on the board.

Adopted Aussie Gawain Jones is going well with 2.5 out of 3.


Unknown said...

God dammit, can't people just put differences aside and just play chess? It is also very likely that he was *told not to play.

Anonymous said...

A world Junior Championship is not a stage where you play your politics. If you go, it is to represent your country in a sporting event.
As it is, he's using FIDE for his political propaganda, insulting FIDE's motto and the concept of chess as a sport. Shameful. Should be banned immediately.

Anonymous said...

I bet he was paid by his federation not to play.

As for Gawain Jones as an adopted aussie?

He's english with a welsh name...the australian connection is?

Anonymous said...

It actually states in the FIDE rules of Chess if countries are at war you do not have to play them.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

I think G. Jones is dating an Aussie.


Anonymous said...

Israelis are strong players;
to lose one is another blow to their ego!
Come'on, its only a game.