Friday, October 26, 2007

Salvador Leads Arco

Thank God for online chess, especially bullet chess. You see, the long hours at work isn't doing my usual post-work rounds of blitz any good these days. Last Wednesday we finished in the office at midnight! Not exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. But thanks to ICC, I can log-in when I get home and put in a few rounds of bullet chess before hitting the sac. I get through about dozen games in no time, which is enough, then off straight to bed. And I'm even managing to improve my flagging technique. Walloped the same GM twice recently.

Speaking of online chess, now's an even better time for Australians to sign up or renew that online chess subscription. The Aussie dollar yesterday hit a 23-year high against the greenback and ICC (or whatever is your preferred service) is cheaper than ever! And here I was a couple of months ago thinking that US$0.84 was high.

Anyway, our friends over in Rooty Hill CC have asked me to put up a little something about their upcoming 2nd "Saturday Rapidplay" Chess Tournament to be held on 3 November next month. My old friend Leo Tenorio tells me that, "[t]his is now the biggest one day chess tournament in Australia in terms of cash & prizes". Sounds like a good one.

Over in Arco, IM Roland Salvador leads with 5.5 points after six rounds. It will be recalled that it was here in this same event that Roland secured his third IM norm last year. Alex Wohl is on 4.5 points.

Time to sign off. Have a good weekend all.

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