Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oh No! Another Loss

The gods are really not smiling upon Vincent Suttor. Whatever it is, he must have absolutely pissed them off. Time to make amends, I say. But seriously, it was yet another setback in round 6 that leaves the lone Aussie on 1 point courtesy of a bye. And it's not about to get easier as Vince must play the Swedish FIDE master Victor Nithander, rated 2367.

After drawing with GM Georg Meier, Wesley So now shares the lead on 5 points with Egyptian GM Ahmed Adly. These two will face each other in round 7.

If you happen to read French - then check out this analysis of the round 5 encounter between Wesley and England's David Howell. Thanks to a reader for pointing us to that site.

By the way, happy birthday to Wesley. He turned 14 today.


archer_401 said...


Here's a translation of the So-Howell annotations.

1.e4 e5 2.Cf3 Cc6 3.Cc3 Cf6 4.d4 exd4 5.Cxd4 Fb4 6.Cxc6 bxc6 7.Fd3 d5 8.exd5 cxd5 9.O-O O-O 10.Fg5 c6 11.Df3 Fe7 12.Tfe1 Te8 13.h3 h6 14.Ff4

14...Ch7? Une imprécision qui va coûter cher à David Howell...(A costly error for David Howell...)
[14...Fe6 était préférable, avec comme suite possible (14...Be6 was preferable with the continuation): 15.Ce2 c5 (15...Db6 aussi (also)) 16.Fb5 Fd7 etc.]

15.Fxh6! Le jeune Wesley ne rate pas l'occasion qui s'offre à lui de prendre l'initiative...un "oeil de Lynx" dans le domaine de la tactique caractérise souvent ces "youngsters" plus que talentueux!
La surcharge du Roi [quant à la protection simultanée du Cavalier en h7 et du pion en f7] permet cette pointe pour les blancs (Young Wesley doesn't miss the chance to take the initiative.. an eye of the Lynx characteristic of these "youngster" ever so talented! The over-tasked king (protecting simultaneously the knight at h7 and the f7 pawn) allows white to make the move) ...

15...Cg5? Une erreur n'arrivant jamais seule...avec ce coup les blancs n'ont plus à sacrifier de matériel pour conduire leur attaque et en plus ils vont rapidement gagner un autre pion (An error never comes by itself....with this move white doesn't have to sacrifice material to pursue the attack and in addition an additional pawn is quickly gained) [voyez-vous comment après (follow the moves after) 15...Cg5 ?]...

[La prise du Fou était la meilleure option défensive pour les noirs...et après (Taking the bishop was the better defense for black...and after) 15...gxh6 16.Fxh7+ Rxh7 (16...Rg7 17.Fd3 un pion de plus et un Roi noir dans les courants d'air...que demande le peuple! (a pawn advantage and the black king under attack...what more could the people ask for!) (16...Rf8?? 17.Dg3 Fg5 18.h4+-) 17.Dxf7+ Rh8 18.Dg6 Fd7 19.Dxh6+ Rg8 20.Dg6+ Rf8 les blancs conservaient certes une forte initiative à laquelle le retour sur investissement était déjà garantie mais la partie était loin d'être terminée...(white certainly maintains a strong initiative for which the return of investment is already guaranteed, but the game is far from over...)]

16.Fxg5 Fxg5 17.Txe8+ Dxe8

18.Cxd5!+- Et un 2e pion! Et dire que ce Maître International philippin, au moment de la partie, n'a pas encore 14 ans! (And a second pawn! Not to mention that this International Master from the Philippines at the time of the game isn't even 14 years old!)

18...Fd8 Le Grand Maître anglais n'est pas prêt d'oublier sa partie contre Wesley! (The English GM isn't ready to give up the game against Wesley!)
[18...cxd5 ne ferait que précipiter les évènements (cxd5 does nothing but hasten the end)... 19.Dxd5 et la finale qui s'ensuit est sans espoir pour les noirs...(Qxd5 leaving black hopeless...]

19.Ce3 Tb8 20.b3 De5 21.Td1 Fc7

22.Fc4! Les blancs n'ont pas peur des fantômes en h2 et provoquent d'autres échanges afin de faire glisser la partie au plus vite dans la réalisation technique de l'avantage matériel...(White doesn't fear the ghosts at h2 and goes for the exchange to quickly finish the game technically with his material advantage...)

[22...Dh2+ 23.Rf1 Fe6 24.Fxe6 fxe6 25.Dxc6 est une suite qui n'est même pas à envisager! (25.Qxc6 doesn't take much thinking!)]

23.Fxe6 Dxe6 24.Df5 Le plan des blancs est simple:

1/Chercher à échanger les Dames
2/ Et jouer la finale avec 2 pions de plus!

(White's plan is simple: 1 /Exchange the queens 2/ and play the end game with a 2-pawn advantage!)

24...De8 David refuse naturellement les échanges, le problème qui va se poser et que le refus systématique peut amener les noirs à se retrouver dans une position extrêmement passive...mais à ce stade de la partie on est plus à ça de près! (David naturally avoids the exchange, but finds himself in an extremely passive position...but at this stage of the game there's nothing more he can do) :-)

25.Td4 Le reste de la partie est comme on dit une "affaire de technique"... (The rest is technique, as they say!...)

25...g6 26.De4 Df8 27.Dxc6 Fb6 28.Td3 Tc8 29.Df3 Fxe3 30.Dxe3 Txc2 31.Dxa7 De8 32.De3 Dc8 33.De7 Df5 34.Td8+ Rg7 35.Df8+ Rf6 36.Dd6+ Rg5

[37.h4+ Rh6 (37...Rg4 38.Dg3+ Rh5 39.Th8#) (37...Rxh4 38.Dg3+ Rh5 39.Th8#) 38.Df8+ Rh5 39.Dh8+ Rg4 40.Td4++-
So Wesley...un joueur à surveiller de près!]
(Wesley So...a player to be followed closely!)


Anonymous said...

Vince drew last night and I am sure will enjoy his rest day today. That puts him on 1.5 out of 7.

To put his results into context, last year three Aussies played the World Juniors.

After round 7, Tomek and Shannon were on 2.5 and Nick Chernih was on 1.5, same as Vincent. By the end (round 13), Shannon was on 6, Tomek on 5.5 and Nick on 4.5. This is about what Australia normally does.

Occasionally we get a really strong player like George Xie go over and perform outstandingly, but on the whole we struggle in what is a big field of extremely talented young people.

I would be sure Vince is competitive in his games and not being crushed and will come back a stronger player due to the experience gained.


Anonymous said...

Nowadays you need to be a solid mid 2200 player to be able to achieve any half decent score in the World Junior. The days of a few 1900 strength players playing for the weaker federations are well and truly gone.

With a rating of 2164,Vincent is one of the bottom seeds and it was always going to be an uphill battle. Most of the players in this tournament would have a coach with them at the tournament,and even the less well funded ones would have spent a few weeks training with a coach before the tournament started.

Does anyone know whether Vincent had a chance to prepare with a 2250+ player before the world junior?

Anonymous said...

why should australians even bother, huh simon? since waht you say is correct. australians dont even bother training properly. they have no clue who to train with

Anonymous said...

Vince for a number of years had a coach who was around 2250. I doubt that he would have done much prep this year as he started uni.

However he is a good player and I think is performing under where he should be. Some of his performances this year


draw with 2426


Draw with 2368
draw with 2388
draw with 2319

I know his main reason for going was that he just really wanted to go to the World Juniors and be part of it and get the experience from playing there. He won't be stressed or unhappy with how is doing, although obviously everyone would have liked a win at this point - however still 6 rounds to go!

The original plan was for Gareth to go with Vince and I would have paid for Gary Lane to go with them. Once Gareth withdrew due to Uni pressure, obviously Gary didn't go either. So Vince is doing it on his own without a coach and many of the other juniors would have a trainer with them.

As for Mr Anonymous - probably the same Mr Anonymous who was rubbishing the Australian U16 Olympiad team - before they won a medal. I notice he became very quiet after they did that...


Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure Vincent knows who would be a decent trainer,its more a matter of getting the oppurtunity.

Hopefully the scond half of the tournament will turn out better.

Anonymous said...

Go Vincent! A win last night and on 3 points now. If he gets to 5/5.5 points I am sure he will be very happy with his result.