Monday, October 08, 2007

Aussie Slump, Pinoy Triumph

It really has been a tough campaign for Aussie junior Vincent Suttor in the World Juniors in Armenia. Our optimism for him in round 4 wasn't quite realised as Vincent once again slumped to his fourth straight loss. He went down to Slovak Martin Zvarik. The only reprieve came in fifth round thanks to a 1-point bye. Better than nothing.

Vincent's next assignment will be the Iranian player Ibrahim Momeni who hit the news in round 2 for refusing to play against his Israeli opponent. My bet is still on Vincent to win this game.

For Pinoy chess fans, however, it's all been good news as they follow the steady progress of IM Wesley So. After five games, Wesley leads the field on 4.5 points. His run so far has included a win against English super talent GM David Howell in round 5. That game moved volunteer newsletter publisher Manny Benitez to release an extra issue over the weekend with the headline, "Wesley Whips British GM, Takes Solo Lead".

After white's 37. h4+, it won't be long before he delivers checkmate.

I should also mention a rather distressing news about our friend Mr Benitez. On Saturday, he was involved in a road accident in RP. Said Manny, "[M]y car was hit by a truck that dragged it for nearly two meters. I was the only one in the car and I thought it was the end of me." Thank the heavens Manny's OK! And if you don't already subscribe to his free newsletter, then you should do so very quickly. This humble little publication is worth a good read.


Anonymous said...

Poor Vince - it really is tough and he is there on his own without a coach/team mates for moral support. However I still have faith that he will get some good results by the end.

Wesley So is really doing well - hope he can keep it going to the end!


Alana Chibnall said...

Is there any other Aussies in the event apart from Vincent? I haven't heard anything as my intenet only lets me on Blogger, Gmail (which I don't use) and Google. It's weird.

Anonymous said...

No other Aussies - no girls (sigh!). At one point it looked like Gareth and Vincent were going to go together, but then Uni got in the way. Maybe next year - it is pretty depressing when you are over there on your own. However from what I have heard Vince is hanging out with the English team and is fine.