Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Pinoy Chess Club

Apologies for having been no updates yesterday, but when things go wrong at work, they really go wrong! So anyway, just a few quick updates then.

It looks like another Filipino chess club has just been formed in Sydney. This time, SBS Pinoy Radio executive producer Ronald Manila is involved. We don't have too many details about this outfit yet but we do wish them luck. Not really the first time that a Pinoy chess club has been tried. About two years ago, I was involved with the last one and like any new group, we had some serious ambitions. Unfortunately, I think we seemed a bit lost long before we got down to some serious business! I hope Ronald's crew will do better.

Over in the Essent Open, Australia's three reps must surely have few complaints; all are going well. Jule has 5.5 points, one point behind leader Andries Mellema with one round to play. While in the Open section, Smerdon and Humphrey have 5 and 4.5 points respectively.

Lastly, the preliminary list of entrants to the upcoming Commonwealth Chess Championships in India has just been released. Alex Wohl's name is there and it looks like he'll soon be joined by IM David Smerdon as well as Shannon and Gareth Oliver.

That's all for now. Back to work for me!

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Anonymous said...

Plus definitely Rebecca Harris and possibly Ben Harris as well - and some littlies are also possible. Should be a big Aussie contingent for a change.