Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Boyd Grabs WA Title

Tristan Boyd was undefeated over the 9-round WA Championships to take out this year's state title event. Boyd's total score was 8 points, a half point ahead of second placer Jay Lakner.

Complete tournament info is available here and PGN is here.

In other Western Australian news, the state's chess body is having a hard time finding volunteers. An "interim council" is running the show for CAWA when "no one would stand for each major executive position" at the AGM late last month. A special meeting is planned to address future direction. We'll be closely watching.


Anonymous said...

We should give every encouragement to the interim council as they try to find volunteers from the local chess players in the West.
When a shortage like this occurs it illustrates how the degree of difficulty would be heightened if a National Chess Commission was trying to run Perth chess from an Eastern States platform.

Anonymous said...

WA is more than just Perth mate!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you anon2.
You simply highlight that the Eastern states are too far-away to facilitate WA chess administration. Influence maybe, facilitate unlikely.
An Australian Chess Commission would never resolve this tyranny of distance.(anon1)