Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coach Makes Geek Show

Chess in Australia is once again set to have its own 15-minute of fame on mainstream TV. Well, sort of. Remember Beauty & The Geek? Canberra-based chess coach, Jeremy Reading, has made it!

Since I have no idea who this guy is, you'll have to spot him here:

See Channel 7's official programme site for more details.


Anonymous said...

beauty? why are the chicks so wide?

Libby Smith said...

I am pretty sure that Jeremy is the pictured "geek" with the glasses & teddy on the home page for the show

I am only "pretty sure" because I've not known Jeremy to wear those glasses, or carry a teddy around, nor have I found him (to quote) "socially awkward" or "conversationally challenged" however he does have a penchant for these shows having previously been on Wheel of Fortune and (I think) auditioned for Big Brother.

Anyone from Canberra knows Jeremy is one of Canberra's good guys over the chess board, a great coach to our young players and someone who will always step up to lend a hand.

Jon said...

He is labelled as the 'chess champion' among the geeks. Hardly anywhere near a champion for someone who has a rapid rating of around 1500 and a standard rating of about 1800...