Tuesday, September 08, 2009

GMs Sign up for Champs

The upcoming 2010 Australian Chess Championships is shaping up to be a strong one. All three local grandmasters - Zhao, Johansen and Smerdon - have entered. They will be joined by former champ and world famous author IM Gary Lane (who played in this year's British Championships) as well as another GM-hopeful, Sydneysider IM George Xie.

For more check out the event's simple but nicely laid out website. Well, my only complaint is that I have to print and apparently send off some entry form. That's not very environmentally sensitive, now is it?

Tournament organisers take note. Open a Paypal account. Being an ebay addict ("eprey" to some), I just love Paypal. Makes life easy.

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Anonymous said...

What are the entry fees for GMs and IMs?