Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Playing Chess to Survive

For some, chess is a bit more than just a game.

"It was a headache. It was just too much," says Jones, 51. As he recounts the events that led him to his present circumstances, there is little self-pity, only resignation over more hard times ahead. He spends most of his time at the park now, where he plays chess to make quick cash. Most games have small wagers, $1 to $5. Jones is apparently skilled at chess: He estimates his income at $50 to $100 a week, which he uses for food, cigarettes and beer.

From Politics Daily.


chessx said...

A very risky way to live,but in these days of uncertainty any way to make money is good.

Anonymous said...

A word in your ear TCG:
A forum which fakes its logged on member list - yes, the one owned by that guy who doesn't like his name to be mentioned ... one wonders if when such a board stoops so low as to do that is it then time to ask for it to be shut down?

Re this article: If I had not looked at the linked article I might have thought it was about the owner of ACE trying to drum up sponsorship for the 2010 SIO :)

cadie said...

Good way to earn money. Whatever you earn must be from right source.
All the best!!!