Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Master of the Treasury

Look at what just popped up in Google News. Grandmaster David Smerdon smiling straight to camera! It's courtesy of the Public Service News service. I didn't even these public servants had that.

Back at Treasury, Mr Smerdon joined the Corporations and Financial Services Division’s Market Integrity Unit last year as part of the graduate intake and loves the challenging work environment.

“Working at Treasury is similar to chess,” he said. “It’s quite complex. I find it interesting.”

He said the Department had been very supportive of his exploits, allowing him time off to compete in events.

Read more in Treasury checks mate with chess title.

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Shaun Press said...

Smerdon is big news in Canberra at the moment. A half page story on page 3 of todays Canberra Times, plus ABC radio interviews and 2 other newspaper stories last week.