Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chess, Music and Dance

It's on again at the Old Boys Chess Club. This just in.
Bunker down this Thursday in your favorite home away from home as your friends at ***CHESS CLUB*** take you on another trip into the world of chess and vaguely chess related activities.

Get your moves down to El Hutcho Relaxo and witness the only respectable* way to spend a Thursday night.

Your dear friends at ***CC*** have the delicious cream of the local scene. This month, king your fellow chess thugs to the sounds of....

A veteran on the UK and Sydney party scene, Mashy P takes the very best in Dance Hall, Electro, Grime, World Beats, hip hop and reggeton, shakes them, drinks them and then regurgitates it into your a way that you like.
Key words: Vibe Tribe, Ohms not Bombs, Uberlingua, Trash n Treasure, Vector Punk, Reclaim The Streets, renegade Parade, Tortuga and Mekanarky.

Reintoducing the tallest man in Dub Step...BFG brings it large with impeccable mixing and track selection that is sure to vibrate your pieces off the board, rendering ***CHESS CLUB*** in to just ***CLUB***. BOOM!

An old ***CC*** favorite, Lego can be scene any where from the Trash n Treasure parties to DIY Markets to Kooky to Loose Ends to a gutter near you at 4AM...Trash-Core at its finest.

So get up and get down to Hutch-Town. 7PM till always.

Sound: Snowball "Jermy" Dudley
Lighting: BarryCore & ***CC***
Snack attacts: Fry-Master Steve.
Chess: you(z)

BYO board and cold coins from your hips to our hat. dig.

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