Friday, June 12, 2009

Fischer's Stuff Sold

From Macauley, "It was all over in seconds. Bobby Fischer’s library filled three glass cases in on the Mezzanine level of Bonhams nd Butterfields auction house on Madison Avenue in New York. The hundreds of chess books in various languages, issues of chess-related periodicals, proofs for Fischer’s My 60 Memorable Games, and assorted notes and other miscellanea were sold in one lot for a “hammer price” of USD $50,000, plus a $11,000 Bonhams commission."

He also has a video!

Video courtesy of Chess.FM

Read more in Sold: Fischer's Library.


chessx said...

Fischer was a great very great player,but he could have been money wise very secure in life.

But he made his choice to live life the way he did and shy away from money.

On the chessboard Fischer did chess a great service,but away from the chessboard he did chess a diservice.

Still someone has bought a piece of chess history.
It took fischer a life time to collect and minutes to be sold.

Shan-ul-Hai said...

The guy who bought it was Rex Sinquefield, the founder of the brand new St. Louis Chess Club... I used to play there (I'm from St. Louis); Rex has invested a crazy amount of money in the facility.