Wednesday, June 24, 2009

IM Rujevic in SA Open

Here's a little tidbit of news that I obtained courtesy of PNG Olympiad rep Rupert Jones. Melbourne's IM Mirko Rujevic, who is here in the Zonal tournament, will participate in the upcoming South African Open. But the most interesting aspect is that Mirko will play his games via the net, specifically through

Also participating in the SA Open via will be GM Gawain Jones and New Zealander IM Puchen Wang. To ensure that the whole thing is kosher, IA Gary Bekker will supervise all the games. Play will take place in Gary's house.

Good luck to these guys. Hopefully the 2.30AM starting time will not be too much of a challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't Mirko go over in person? Did SA Customs say that piece of straw he famously chews on during games would need to be quarantined?